Lion and Lamb
Lion of Judah and The Lamb


"Hear my words, you wise men; listen to me you men of learning. For the ear tests words as the tongue tastes food. Let us discern for ourselves what is right; let us learn together what is good."
Job 34.2



PowerPoint Presentations
HIV Essentials
HIV Overview and Kingdom Living
Movie and Video Clips
RwandaRowland Movie 107 Mb
Boehringer Virus Video 142 Mb
Thought Provoking Handouts
Church, Where are you!
HIV Critical Issues
Olga's Letter
Testing Times
Epidemic Graphs
Everyone is Involved - HIV Status
Recommended Reading







We have included two key PowerPoint presentations in pdf format.

The first one 'HIV Essentials', looks at some of the parameters that fuel the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The second presentation 'HIV Overview' overviews the HIV/AIDS epidemic from the personal and local community level.


Movie Clips

We have also included two video/movie clips. The first is a movie from Rwanda (Rwanda Rowland Movie) and shows something of the work undertaken by Richard and Prilla Rowland in ministering into the combined effects of HIV/AIDS and the genocide of the late 1990s. The file is 107 Mb and plays well on Quicktime and Realplayer. The link is presently disabled whilst we 'anonymise' the people shown in the video.

The second file is a video (Boehringer Virus Video) produced and copyrighted by Boehringer Engelheim that has been available on their website. The video shows how HIV infects a typical CD4 cell, alters its genetic make up and then produces more virus. The clip is 142Mb and again plays on Quicktime, RealPlayer and Windows Media Player.

(The videos/movies take about 5-10 mins to download on broadband)


Thought Provoking Handouts

Our classes on HIV/AIDS include the distribution of various handouts that wehave used over the years to help each other see the wider implications of HIV/AIDS. We would draw your attention particularly to the paper dealing with HIV Critical Issues and its related chart HIV Status which together enables one to discuss highly contentious issues in a non confrontational manner. Most of the papers are our own material but three, Olga's Letter, Testing Times, and Listen, come from others who need to remain anonymous. Each of these papers is a pdf file opening in a separate window.



Recommended Reading

An Extraordinary Pair of Books

The Shack

We have been profoundly moved by a remarkable book that explores the depths of our faith in the face of the trials and traumas that we undergo. It has beenis #1 on the 'New York Times' Best Seller list and is called 'The Shack' by Wm Paul Young. We recommend it gladly. It will transform you and then your ministry.


Finding God In The Shack

'The Shack' raises many questions in our minds and it is good to see that a comprehensive theological analysis has been prepared by Randall Rauser in his book 'Finding God In The Shack'. We strongly recommend this book to all pastors and ministers.












Watch this space as we continue to upload a selection of our training materials to the training section.