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'AIDS, I'm Not at risk, am I?'
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Our book, "AIDS. I'm Not At Risk, Am I?", is published in four languages, English, French, Tamil and Hindi. The book is made available free, to ministries working in the field of HIV/AIDS and may be sold by those ministries for a token amount to help generate income to support their work.

The content of the English edition is also loaded on this website for download as a pdf file. It is a large file and probably needs broadband access. In due course we will be putting the file up by individual chapters.


The following is an unsolicited review of our book by The Chris-Caba Journal volume IV No2 of August 2006 which is published by the Viva Network AIDS Forum.

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AIDS, I’m Not at Risk, Am I? by Joy and Ray Thomas 

"This book is written by Joy and Ray Thomas, jointly published by Judah Trust and Operation Mobilization, and inspired by the desire to respond to HIV and AIDS in a manner consistent with the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. 

The preface states that the book is written for those personally impacted by HIV and AIDS.  But it is also clear from the format that the book provides a number of tools to facilitate group discussion and training.  The authors express the hope (1) “that those who read it will find both the skills to cope with their situations and reason to hope even in the darkest hour” and (2) “that they too will find themselves ‘training trainers’ as they use the materials here to teach others” (p. 7). 

The book contains two messages.
“The first message is that to prevent this pandemic from spreading, to stop this pandemic in its tracks, we need to have a massive change in human sexual behavior….We refer to this message as Kingdom Living and Kingdom Sexuality and it forms the timeless message of loving God with all our heart, mind, soul and body (p. 12)
“The second message is that there are over 40 million people already infected with HIV in the world right now and over 15 million orphans as a result of HIV/AIDS.  The context of this message is that each one of these people is in need of care and loving assistance, and most of all in need of hope.  This message too, is the timeless message of loving your neighbor as yourself” (p. 13).

Each chapter in the book begins with a story based on true-life situations that vividly exposes readers to issues that impact  “real” people.  The lead story in chapter one, for example, explores how two girls get HIV in different ways—one from an emotional search for love and affection which led to unprotected sex and the other from a surprise attack by someone with an HIV infected needle. 

After the story readers are either introduced to the issues presented in the story or asked (as a class) to identify them.  This is followed by an examination and teaching of skills that are needed to address the issues.  Slides that can be reproduced on flip charts or on transparencies for use in overhead projectors compliment the skills sections. 

The book is organized into twelve chapters dealing with (1) AIDS prevention, (2) HIV Essentials, (3) AIDS widows, (4) AIDS orphans, (5) the death of a child, (6) dying and spiritual pain, (7) testing for HIV, (8) counseling, (9) the power of forgiveness, (10) the power of prayer, (11) responding to God’s will, and twelve concepts for living God’s way. 

 Most of the stories draw from African culture but readers are advised to draw on their own stories.  The format and instruction presented in the book appear to be quite applicable across cultures and should be useful in any part of the world. 

The full book text is available on the Judah Trust website:  Permission is granted to reproduce any part of the book for educational and training purposes as long as full acknowledgement and reference to the Judah Trust website is provided." 



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