Lion and Lamb
Lion of Judah and The Lamb




Through the generosity of many, Judah Trust has been able to fund two projects in the past few months and we thought that you might like to see something of them. The first one has been the provision of a water supply in Kenya for Springs Ministries and the second one has been the preparation of education teaching packs as a Lenten exercise to go out to Zimbabwe.

Water Supply

Springs Ministries in Kisumu, Kenya runs an orphanage for children affected by HIV/AIDS. Their nearest water supply was two miles away and the provision of clean water has been a major difficulty for them. We ran a Christmas appeal and were able to send £6,900 to Kenya which has funded the supply of water, the purchase of a new storage tank and the provision of electricity to the orphanage. The water supply will also benefit the local community.

Digging the trench

Supplying the pipe

Running water

The new storage tank

Blessing of the water by the Bishop


Teaching Packs

As part of our local church's lenten exercise, materials, food and clothes were collected for distribution to the Philippines and Zimababwe. Judah Trust was able to fund the provision of 50 education packs to go to Zimbabwe. We received a big discount from our suppliers, Rymans and a lot of help from our homegroup in preparing the packs.

Education Pack

Homegroup volunteers making up the education packs