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LATEST NEWS - 9 September 2016

We have been making changes to Judah Trust to adapt the structures for new areas of work and to make the transitions to a younger generation of people to lead and minister through Judah Trust.

This has meant that we have slimmed down our board whilst the changes take place and we have reviewed all our structures and costs to be sure that we are as efficient as possible.

Our funding is critical and if we are to make a significant impact we must find more sources of regular and sustainable giving.

We have also looked hard at the state of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and remain very concerned that the problem has neither gone away nor diminished. In fact the numbers living with HIV / AIDS continues to drift upwards towards 40 millions of people and there are signs that the drift upwards is beginning to accelerate.

A new form of prayer diary is being developed and should be available in the near future. If you wish to receive this, please email us at providing details of your name and address and church affiliation - this is because the prayer diary contains sensitive information.

The following is from our 2016 Annual Report.

General Observations

It is clear, that globally, there is not much emphasis being given to prevention with new infections continuing to outstrip deaths such that the global pool of people living with HIV is continuing to grow and now stands at 36.9 million people with a high estimate of 41.4 million.

It is also clear from the continual deluge of emails requesting prayer about HIV/AIDS situations from all over the world, that the level of personal suffering remains unacceptably high. This must be addressed.

In addition, this level of demand for prayer by Judah Trust is a clear indication that Judah Trust is serving the public good by meeting that demand for intercession and by mobilising those who pray to assist in this work.

We are now into the third generation of those suffering from HIV/AIDS, a generation who clearly have little idea that HIV/AIDS even exists and if there is some awareness of its existence, it merely forms part of the background to living today. Unlike us, the present generation does not know a world without AIDS.

Encouraging Prayer
It is very clear that Judah Trust MUST continue the prayer work to meet this part of the public need around the globe.

Raising Awareness of ‘At Risk’ Lifestyles
It is also clear that the new generation of sexually active people need to made aware, once again, of the dangers of leading sexually risky lifestyles. This requires advocacy of risk free styles in a world that is unwilling to hear such advocacy, and will involve once again, endeavouring to mobilise the churches especially at senior levels. Such advocacy requires funding.

Combatting Promiscuity
Promiscuity, whether heterosexual or homosexual, must be addressed as a key issue in the battle against the continuing spread of HIV/AIDS. Can this be progressed through the use of the ‘social media’ to encourage life - style change? Again, resources, in the form of technical knowledge and again funding will be required.

Judah Trust
We are a small, even tiny charity, but we have been in this field since 1988 and have an accumulated experience and knowledge that is clearly still in demand.

With these things in mind, the continuing demand for prayer, the continuing need for training and awareness, the continuing cost of the epidemic, we have been assessing the ongoing role of Judah Trust.

We are so grateful that you have taken the time to visit us and to read this material.

With love and prayers from

Ray & Joy Thomas