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We have permission to put up the photograph above.
We have protected her identity in terms of name, place and country.

The story that follows relates to a little girl who was HIV positive as a result of ‘vertical transmission’ from her mother when she was born. The following extracts from a series of emails gives some indication of just what HIV/AIDS really means to the children concerned and to those who are caring for them. We are seeking your prayers for all the groups caring for children like little ‘J’ and for your prayers that ‘universal access’ to the right drugs be made available as a priority to every HIV positive pregnant woman.

12 May 2009
The second child is ‘J’, she is 13 months old and has been admitted in the health centre for the last 2 months. No improvement! So they gave the mother a letter for us and she came last week to us. She only weighs 4.4 kg. She has really given up, and it breaks your heart when you see this little girl with those big eyes. She is very sick, we feed her via a NG tube and at the moment she is on IV drip. Her mother is HIV+ and I am pretty sure she is also infected with the virus. We will try to take her tomorrow to the hospital for testing. Please pray for life for this little girl.

13 May 2009
‘J’ is a bit fair, we took her to the HIV clinic and she was tested HIV+, the doctor started her on ARVs today. ‘F’ is a bit better, he still has pain, but less than before. Please continue to pray for those two children, also for ‘I’, one of the boys from A., he has bad tonsillitis and is also sleeping here with us, he gets also IV medication, every 6 hours.
Thank you so much for your prayers!!!

20 May 2009

I send you a prayer request for ‘J’ and ‘F’, and we really have felt and experienced your prayers! That is why I want to give you this praise report, we feel so much encouragement when we see ‘F’ and ‘J’, we want to encourage you too! Prayers really work, we have a great God, who is so concerned about the little ones in our home! ‘F’ is back in A, he is now on antiTB drugs, we see him going better and stronger every day. That is good, because he lost 5 kg. in one week!!

‘J’ is doing very good!! This was the 13 month old baby who was given up by the health centre. I sent you a picture on 10th May, she was very sick and her weight was only 4,4 kg. We took her to the hospital and she was tested and HIV+, the doctor started her directly on ARVs. She started to eat better and this morning we took the NG tube out. We try to put her at the table with the other children during meals and look she was trying to eat a chicken leg! Her weight is now 5 kg!! 600 gram in 8 days, that is so amazing!! ^That are the prayers!! And you can see how much better she looks, we have not seen her smiling yet, but I am sure she will smile soon!

27 May 2009
Last week I sent you the beautiful picture from ‘J’, eating a chicken leg. We were very happy, she was gaining and more alert. But Sunday we decided to put the NG tube back, she didn't want to eat or drink, vomited all we offered her, with the tube it went better, but she had lost weight. We went to the doctor and checked her HB again, it had dropped a lot, she was suddenly very anaemic. We went yesterday to the hospital for blood transfusion and it looked it went a bit better.

But last night at 3 am, she started to have difficulties with breathing, in the morning we called the doctor and we could come in 45 minutes. We prayed as a team for her and we anointed her with oil. But there was a deep sadness, that ‘J’ would leave us. We didn't dare to transport her to the hospital, so I went with the book and the doctor said she would come with me. I was really blessed by her, her corridor was full with people, but she felt she had to come and see ‘J’. She gave us several advices and we had to give some IV injections. It looked to go a bit better.

This afternoon it went worse, and at 5 pm she went to be with Jesus.

We were with her and encouraged her to let go, there would be no more pain and suffering where she was going. We have peace with her dying, she was so very sick. In the time she was with us, I have never seen her smile, she really suffered.

We talked a lot about the chicken leg from last week, she seem to have enjoyed it. Today it is Wednesday again, that is chicken day here! We think she has her chicken leg today together with Jesus!

One of our staff said we have fought for her, we lost and we won!

Thank you for standing with us, please pray for tomorrow when we are going to bring the body back to her family. Her mother will be very sad. Pray also for us, even we have peace with it, we do struggle so much with the death of those little ones.